Friday, 25 June 2010

The first installment of my experience of organising a craft fair.

Well there are 4 Folksy ladies that have decided to set up our own craft fair, so I thought i'd blog about our experiences good or bad.
We met up in my home town, Hucknall, which was nerve racking as we have only spoken over Folksy.  The ladies,  / / (and of course myself) were all lovely and we had a good brainstorming session to sort some designs/prices etc.  We had a good 2 hr chat and have decided to start trying to get some lovely sellers into our fair.
When i eventually got home i mentioned to my hubby that for a small add in the local paper it was going to cost us £136 pounds, to which he decides to let know that he sorts all advertising out locally within his job role and had got a big list of contacts!!!  So Paula has opened a thread on the Folksy Events site to see if we can get anyone interested in a table.  Tables are £20 without lunch and £25 with lunch, free refreshments throughout the day also.  Fingers crossed that we get lots of interest now then we can get advertising!!
I will try to update on here when we have any new updates
sam x

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  1. bit far for me. good luck. xxx

    fiona @ christals creations