Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Only 3 more days til the Craft Fair!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all, well only 3 more days...........don't know whether i'm nervous or excited. We have 21 stalls at the moment, some have cancelled and then we got some late enquiries. I have hopefully got everything sorted! I have asked all the stallholders if they would donate a item to a tombola with the proceeds going to 'when you wish upon a star' charity. I have been in touch with the charity and they have been very kind and are sending us some t shirts/balloons/leaflets which is great!
I'm kinda panicking that we do not have enough hands to help out but luckily my mum is sharing my table so i can leave her to tend to that while i do the important things like make the stallholders a cup of tea! I think the most worrying thing is that we don't get people through the door, but i suppose i can't drag people in off the street (tempting idea though).
One nice thing is that some of the stall holders are Folksy people so it will be nice to meet them.
I went to pick up the leaflets i had printed yesterday and i know it's sad but i was really excited and i have already had my oldest out delivering them!
Got to go fetch some kiddies toys for the hook a duck stall that i have got my oldest to run for me and still got to get some balloons and tea/coffee etc, so no time to sit still!
I had a big pub that has conference rooms email asking if i would hold a craft fair there! I was gobsmacked and a bit overwhelmed but i am considering it, just gonna see how this one turns out first.
Better go get some tea ready before the kids eat the dog.

The next update will probably be after the event now.

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  1. Look forward to hearing how it went. Congrats on the request for another one. xx