Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hi everyone this is my first Folksy Friday!!!!!!!!

The theme this week is Twilight (i'm a bit obsessed)

folksy-twilight pendant
This caught my eye with it not being about EDWARD or JACOB!

folksy-bells's mittens
These mittens are almost identical to bellas in twilight.

folksy-lilac fields
I personally like this as i could wear it without anyone knowing it could be linked to Twilight.
(i know i'm obsessed but i'm a closet fan)

folksy-garnet ring

This garnet ring is so simple but beautiful.

folksy-twilight bookmark

Again i could get away with this, as it's for my books!


  1. I'm a huge twilight fan, I hear you shout! "Sad, deluded old woman!" But I can't help myself!

    I adore thos long mittens!

    Natalie x

  2. don't worry me to i'm afraid!! hence 'twilight friday' lol

  3. Team Jacob! Im a closet fan too. Great picks.