Monday, 10 May 2010


Hi again,

well i put my first post on Folksy for some Twilight goodies i can put in my blog. Hopefully get it advertised on my Facebook as well, you never know we might get some newbies!
At this very moment my youngest is asleep and has been since 5pm, so no all nighter on the computer for me!!!
Don't think i've mentioned this (sorry if i have) but my 11yr old son broke his wrist skateboarding the other week, and had it plastered but they did it wrong, so we had to take him back to get it re-broke and re-set last Wednesday. The point of this story is... went into school this morning to tell them that he will be off this wednesday for another x-ray and all they were bothered about was bloody SATS!!!

I'm sure you will get the jist soon but i ramble alot!

To the jewellery bit of my blog... I have just varnished some paper beads today, but i am not totally sure if i like the effect as they have got a slightly aged look now, maybe when they are dry they will be ok. I will give updates on how they turn out and prob some photos too. Wouldn't mind some ideas on how to use them, i was going to just be basic and thread them on to some leather cord???
I need some inspiration :}


  1. Hope your sons wrist better soon ! My son will be having his cast off next week. He broke his messing about at the rugby club !! He has recently been asking for skateboard..... think that will be a large NO !! don't want hinm to break his other one!! Boys.....
    Nice to follow you will look at your Folksy shop!

  2. thanks, hope you get on ok when he gets it off!! my lad still thinks he can skateboard!